Career Profile

I am passionate open-source advocate and loves being on the bleeding edge (I have built my own hadoop cluster from source), I have used multiple container orchestration platforms (Openshift, Kubernetes, Rancher) and I have containerised pretty much everything from minecraft servers / tile-servers to eclipse.

I have developed custom applications in many different languages from Java Python and Golang for backend technologies to React and Angular in the Frontend. I have a strong Devopps focus building custom CI platforms that uses ansible for testing application with many external depenancies.

Building scalable systems from scratch and choosing the best technology for each component is where I thrive.

Skills & Proficiency










Here is a list of some of the stuff I am working on in my free time:

GoFi - Gofi a node base programming system attempting to emulate apache NiFi
GoGallery - Simple filebased web gallery with thumbnial generator written in go.
taiga-contrib-openid-auth - Openid / Keycloak authentication plugin for


Big Data Engineer

2016 - Present

Sysadmin of small production network configured Cisco/Fortinet firewalls, Windows AD servers

Research ELK Stack usecases inside Qinetiq

Created Custom Kibana plugin

Custom Signal Processing framework using REDHAWK SDR, MongoDB, Docker Containers for horizontal scalability

Custom UI Fronted to the Analytic platform in React

Designed a Big Data modular streaming Architecture.

Software Engineer

2015 - 2016

Worked on Perl Manufacturing Management Platform

Installation and configuration of multiple Openstack Clusters in worldwide data centers

Implement a big data Analytic platform that uses Logstash, Scala/Spark and MongoDB

Custom UI Fronted to the Analytic platform written in Angualrjs and custom D3 Visualization

Freelance Software Developer


I worked on a Laravel PHP project where my main responablilty was to add the Land Registry integration which require building acustom XML parser to interact with SOAP API

Software Developer

Sureview systems

At Sureview my responsibilty was to create an Android App that provides mobile access to real time event data for users of Immix® Cloud. It also needed to view event video, recorded audit trails,access live camera feeds, and event reports.